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SPOILER ALERT: New Additions in Netflix’s Diablero: La serie regresa y no decepciona

My favorite thing about Diablero season 2 is the new characters we meet. Rarely, am I as enthusiastic about new characters; in Stranger Things, for example, Billy and Max took some getting used to before I could feel connected to them as characters. In Diablero season 2, however, it was the complete opposite.

First up is Mayakén:

Keta’s infamous missing baby is now a very powerful boy, or, perhaps, "being" is more appropriate terminology. As we learned in season 1, Mayakén is the result of Elvis’ magical workings; he performed a spell that blessed his sister with a child, the child of an angel. That's right, this is an immaculate conception situation. The deal is, everyone thinks that angels have pretty much left Earth leaving people to fend for themselves against evil. The Catholic church, which is a terrifyingly powerful and dark body in this series, thus wants to rid the planet of angels for good. Mayakén, as the child of an angel and, as you later find out, the reincarnation of a goddess, is the only one strong enough to kill the last remaining angel on Earth. That is why the church kidnaps Mayakén and raises him to be evil, so that he can do their bidding; however, because Mayakén is a being of light and he will never be completely dark, the church plans to kill him once he has done what they want. Matías del Castillo does a great job at playing the stoic Mayakén; he has some very intense eyes that come in handy when they cut out is his tongue and is forced to communicate telepathically. One motif with Mayakén we see throughout the entire season is the reminder that although he looks like a boy, he is much more and must thus not be treated like a child. In fact, one of the most powerful moments in the season is when Keta finally confronts him and the truth is revealed; of course, she wants her son to stay with her, but he cannot. Mayakén plainly tells his mother that he has done terrible things and needs time to think; he will be back for her when he is ready. It’s all about letting go in this season.

Second, Lupe Reina:

The female Diablera storyline continues in season 2 and its leader is Lupe Reina. She has a Maleficent vibe about her, probably because of the headpiece she’s wearing while she is introduced; regardless, she plays the badass card extremely well, and is incredibly beautiful. Reina and her ladies run a club where mostly men go to get their occult kicks, but the ladies’ rule is definite. My favorite scene featuring Reina includes her and her crew very publicly and dramatically sniffing through the club for a man that attempted to force himself on one of Reina’s girls. In one seriously badass monologue, she not only singles out, condemns, and insults the sex-offender, she also faux kills him in front of everyone only to reveal the man has been unharmed and that in her house not everything is as it seems; it was a very empowering and satisfying moment, for Reina is feared and respected as men are in this world. Last but not least is Reina’s “connection” with Keta; it’s Reina that reveals to Keta that she is the reincarnation of the goddess Coatlicue. Plus, they seem to have a bit of a budding romance going on, or at the very least a very significant relationship.

Third, Surileidi:

Although the actor that plays her is the same that plays Isaac, Humberto Busto, and is thus not new to the show, the character of Surileidi certainly is. Surileidi is Isaac’s deceased great aunt; Isaac occasionally calls on her to possess him when they need her assistance. In her time, Surileidi was a very powerful and accomplished santera and thus has a breadth of knowledge that is often of use to the Diableros. Of course, Surileidi is none other than Isaac in drag, and she is amazing; not only is she a femme with glorious facial hair, but she is also hilarious and always drinks so much that when she vacates Isaac’s body she leaves him with a nasty hangover.

Overall, season 2 of Diablero was just as enjoyable as season 1; it had all the horror, magic, and cheesiness that made me fall in love with season 1. However, I was disappointed that we didn’t see more of Wences, which is brilliantly played by Quetzalli Cortés; it’s not that I had a problem with what they chose to do with the character, it is more that Cortés’ performance in season 1 was impressive, and I was really hoping to see more of him in season 2. Luckily, Elvis makes up for this minor disappointment; he is devastatingly charming as Elvis Infante. Elvis is the glue that holds the group together, and he basically spends the entire season trying to do so, probably because the stakes are much higher this time around. Mayakén can either be the key to salvation or destruction, so the crew must hurry to reach him before it’s too late.

It’s definitely worth the watch, and if you need to know more before giving Diablero a go, check out our article on season one.

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